Security Systems

Whether at home or at work, safety and protection form the basis of all security requirements. Security systems are a vital component to feeling safe and protected, enabling you to effectively monitor all entry and exit points to your property. At Capital Fire & Security Inc., we pride ourselves on the protection of your investment in people, infrastructure, inventory, and information. There are numerous security systems available to secure your peace of mind. We offer complete security system design and installation, including intrusion protection, detectors, alarms, and fully integrated, multi-suite security systems.

To help protect your business from burglary and unauthorized entry, we install, service, and monitor a full line of perimeter and internal security measures. From door and window contacts to motion detectors and video surveillance, Capital Fire & Security Inc. will provide you with everything you need to ensure your business is secure from the threat of burglary and theft.

By monitoring and restricting entry, you protect valuable assets and sensitive areas from theft or damage, while controlling your facility. Employee safety, performance, and accountability are significantly increased, while reducing response time to security alerts. In short, an access control system will help you operate your business more safely, efficiently, and profitably.

Capital Fire & Security Inc. has the experience and expertise necessary to offer security solutions for any kind of building and business, and we customize our solutions to meet your unique business needs.