Capital Fire & Security Inc. can help protect your property from theft and crime with a complete camera surveillance system. Video systems are designed to permit surveillance of the most high-risk areas of your buildings. Some areas require more than the average coverage. Our solutions allow users to switch cameras and angles on command to permit a complete view of important locations. They also allow users to verify alarms on sight – and "virtually on site" with full video coverage of susceptible building locations. As a result, these systems could also offer the benefits of reduced insurance and liability payments.

A closed circuit television (CCTV) camera surveillance system significantly reduces illegal and unwanted activity, decreasing the incidence of theft and vandalism.  CCTV uses cameras to view and/or record activity in selected areas. With video surveillance, customers can deliver a record of events and incidents and offer a deterrent to intruders, internal theft, and vandals.

Capital Fire & Security Inc. offers a wide selection of fully integrated cameras with 24-hour recording capabilities. With complete system design and multi-camera installation, Capital Fire & Security Inc. is your CCTV solution partner.


Digital video recorders (DVRs) provide the latest in recording technology without the use of tapes. They store images captured by cameras on a computer hard drive. A DVR offers advanced search and event retrieval functions, optimal image quality that will not degrade, and the ability to record during playback. A DVR system allows remote viewing via the Internet from anywhere in the world.